What I have written – and what I have published.

What have I written?

Written? Too much to remember. I’m notoriously self-critical. If I don’t think it’s good enough, scrapped. In the old days I had a big clunky typewriter, followed by a less clunky electric typewriter, followed by a word processor, followed by a computer, followed by another and another on to the current day of a nice laptop and an iPad. In the old days I used to burn the bad writing, or recycle it, and now I just have to delete a file. I’ve written I think about a dozen full books, ranging from romance to horror, and scrapped them all because their purpose wasn’t to be finished, their purpose was to explore a story.

What have I published?

Slip/Stream – Red Right Hand is a scifi story — the beginning of a quest, really — about a person who isn’t who he believes he is. He’s got a past and not all of it is known to him. He thinks he’s in control, that he’s almost invincible really, but he gets swept up in someone else’s plans and his current life starts falling apart around him. People he cares for get hurt. He gets betrayed, basically. All of this happens against the backdrop of the failure of his neural network. He’s losing his sense of self and discovering maybe he isn’t who he thought he was. It’s about identity. How much are we defined by who we believe we are?

Red Right Hand is Lev’s deconstruction and the beginning of his rediscovery. I’m over halfway into the next in the series and it will be his coming to terms with who he is as well as moving the focus onto some other main characters.

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