Scared to Death (1980)

Scared to Death (1980) 93min | Horror, Sci-Fi | March 1981 (USA) Summary: An ex-cop, now working as a hack novelist, is called out of retirement to help investigate a string of deaths that appear to be the work of a serial killer but soon are revealed to be the ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
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Scared to Death (1980).

Many characters died during the course of this movie. It is debatable as to whether any of them died of fear. Ironically, given some other very bad movies that we have watched this week, Giant from the Unknown would have suited this movie much better as a title.

This sits in the category of scifi and, well, I will just say the two words ‘genetic engineering’ and we’ll leave it there.

There are also many scenes that seem to end about five seconds too quickly. And many scenes that by comparison lasted far, far too long.

We watched the Rifftrax version and if, despite the brevity and content of this review, you decide you want to watch Scared to Death, then at least make it the Rifftrax version too.

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