Zombie [republished as I Eat Your Skin] (1971)

Zombie (1971) 92min | Horror | 29 October 1971 (USA) Summary: A cancer researcher on a remote Caribbean island discovers that by treating the natives with snake venom he can turn them into bug-eyed zombies. Uninterested in this information, the ... See full summary »
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Zombie (1971), republished and only findable on imdb as I Eat Your Skin.

Here is a jolly jape about a man who has so much magnetism that women can’t stop falling into his bed and having sex with him.

At the beginning there’s an amusing pastiche where a husband catches our hero kissing his wife (the husband’s wife, obviously) by a pool and is pushed in, but subsequently catches up with his wife and is seen kicking and hitting her in a “comedy” moment as the hero is driven away.

Ah, the seventies, everyone. And we wonder why toxic masculinity is a thing.

Anyway. Our ‘hero’ is taken by plane to a remote island where he’s assured that there are stories of the undead. And there are zombies there! These ones are made by a failed cure for cancer. There is also a lovely young lady that obligingly falls in love with him (and has sex with him when he randomly climbs through her bedroom window). There is also a secret laboratory and an ultimately thrilling scene of derring do, explosions and escapes.

You should not watch this movie. It is not good.  We watched the Rifftrax version which is clearly far superior to the original since there are some people making jokes along with us and they don’t even want to share our sofa. So if you must watch it, watch that version at least.




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