Kill or be killed (Karate Killer) (1976)

Kill or Be Killed (1976) 90min | Action, Drama, Sport | 17 June 1976 (South Africa) Summary: Two former ranking figures of the Axis powers schedule a deadly martial arts tournament in an isolated locale. The two rivals then race to assemble the top competitors from around the world... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
Countries: South Africa, USALanguages: English

Kill or be killed (1976). Also titled Karate Killer on imdb. Because. Reasons. I guess.

Steve and Olga have fallen in love. There is only one snag: they are both under contract to do karate for a Nazi in exile, Baron von Rudloff, who struggles with his PTSD. I don’t know why, or how, sorry, the movie doesn’t start with that bit. Except Olga isn’t very good at karate and is taken off the team except apparently that’s a big deal because Steve wants to go too but he’s actually really the best at karate and so there are Problems. The Baron’s loveable sidekick Chico helps them escape. There is a sequence right about here that is very reminiscent of The Bad Batch. Except with less casual cannibalism.

Steve and Olga have escaped Baron von Rudloff, but sadly they are not very good at running away because the Baron’s evil henchman Ruell kidnaps Olga. Steve is told he will get Olga back if he comes back to do karate for the Baron.

There is going to be a competition, you see, where the Baron’s team fights Miyagi’s team so that the Baron can regain his lost honour and the ghost of Hitler won’t laugh at him any more. I am not making this up!

This movie is somewhat surreal, much the same as I found The Bad Batch, though I watched that long before starting these Watched notes, so that really doesn’t help you in the slightest. Oh well!

Also, we watched the Rifftrax version. If you intend to watch this movie despite this brief and very unsatisfactory review, you should watch that version too.

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