Yesterday’s Target (1996)

Yesterday's Target (1996) 79min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi | TV Movie 28 April 1996 Summary: Memory loss, separation and assassins threaten three time-travelers with special powers who are stuck in the past.
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Yesterday’s Target (1996).

I would like to be able to say that there is a good movie inside this movie trying to get out. If there is, I couldn’t see it.

A team of mysterious assassins are sent back from the future! (It’s not terribly obvious but you might figure it out by the end scene. Or at the end scene.) They’ve all lost their memory! They have some superpowers! One of them can move things with his mind! One of them can make fire spontaneously occur! One of them can see a few moments into the future when the script says she can! And there are other people with special powers! And there is a supervillian! (That’s not very well explained but trust me, you might make sense of it by the end). It’s all very exciting! The good folks at Rifftrax thought so too!

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  1. […] Our hero then goes back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique to the Evil Corporation. BAM! My brain freezes with the paradox effect. Surely, if he had gone back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique, he would have never sold the technique and therefore he wouldn’t need to go back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique. Right? Right?? Oh I don’t know. This movie doesn’t answer things like how the space time continuum works. It just flies a plane and occasionally rides a bicycle. In terms of time travel it is not nearly as good as Steins;Gate or In The Shadow of the Moon, but it is better than Yesterday’s Target. […]

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