Message from the King (2016)

Message from the King (2016) 102min | Action, Thriller | 10 May 2017 (France) Summary: A mysterious outsider from South Africa, named Jacob King, arrives in Los Angeles to look for his missing younger sister.
Countries: UK, France, Belgium, USALanguages: English, Armenian

Message from the King (2016).

If I hadn’t have watched the last five minutes of this movie, with the totally unnecessary and frankly bewildering ‘sting’ at the end, I’d have thoroughly enjoyed this.

As it stands, I guess you can already tell that I did foolishly watch all of the movie, and am quite bitter about it. Not since The Last Samurai (in the Time Before Reviews Began) have I regretted watching the end of the movie so much.

Anyway. If I pretend the last five minutes didn’t occur (and thusly made the main character a suddenly unreliable one), I really did enjoy the movie. It was a lot like The Limey (also from the Time Before Reviews Began) which was a personal favourite for many years.

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