Young Tiger (1973)

Rumble in Hong Kong (1973) 80min | Action, Crime | 26 April 1973 (Hong Kong) Summary: Aided only by a tough female police officer, a Hong Kong taxi driver tries to escape from gangsters pursuing incriminating evidence left in his cab.
Countries: Hong KongLanguages: Mandarin

Young Tiger (1973).

Some marketing guru has gone back and marked any movie in which Jackie Chan had an early role as ‘a Chan classic’ that is ‘a must for all collectors’.

Jackie Chan is in this movie. A little bit. As a supporting bad buy with a bit of fuzzy felt stuck to his face so that he can be later identified as ‘the guy with the mole on his face’.

But this movie is almost entirely not about Jackie Chan’s character.

It is a quite complex and surprisingly deep moral essay about the perils of the drug trade, with particular emphasis on the impact of such criminal behaviour on young vulnerable women who find themselves falsely imprisoned, sexually abused and trafficked as a result of this involvement. There is a surprisingly strong female lead in this movie, she is allowed to be awesome for at least a little bit before she needs the help of a random taxi driver.  Every few minutes a martial arts fight to the death also breaks out.

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