Alien Outlaw (1985)

Alien Outlaw (1985) 90min | Sci-Fi, Western Summary: Aliens land in a small town where Jesse Jamison is about to have a gun show and bullets fly after the aliens start killing people. Watch out Diamond Booking agency for your next momentous event!
Countries: USALanguages: English

Yes, it’s another bad movie from the 1980s. It has (at the time of writing) an IMDB score of 3.5 out of a possible 10. It has a wildly misleading title AND a wildly misleading movie poster. Of course it’s a RiffTrax! (Although you never do quite know with me, do you?)

I often love the unlikely thing that causes a story to happen in a movie. They are often funny, sometimes realistic, and occasionally a bit dumb. In this case, a woman who is nearly a real female hero is also an outstanding exhibition shooter. Not only is she so confident that her usual gunslinging costume is a faux buckskin dress that is several sizes too small, but she’s hired a seemingly oddly unreliable person to drive her gun show around in a battered trailer. Then she relies on him to be on time.

Yes. This is how the movie ‘Alien Outlaw’ begins. With tardiness. Granted, her driver then becomes even tardier due to being shot out of hand by a gunslinging alien that might be on the run. But then the movie itself becomes rather tardy, spending a great deal of time establishing that this is an era where it’s ok to openly ogle women in very short dresses, poking fun at other women learning to farm is also fine, and laughing a lot at very fat people who are there to be the comic relief is also fine too. There are lavish character introduction scenes for some supporting cast members whose names I can’t remember. And a long, slow, wholesome kind of build into Jesse (the main character) slowly tracking down her missing gun show and then encountering some aliens.

Oh, and then shooting them, because that’s the thing her character does. Except when she needs rescuing suddenly of course. I’m not even going to ask why the movie decided that the aliens would shoot men and sexually assault women (but in a very casual, passing by kind of way).

Many of the scenes in this movie last much, much longer than they need to. No one is really likeable. The whole movie struggles with tardiness.

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