Bounty Tracker (1993)

Bounty Tracker (1993) 86min | Action, Drama | Video 5 May 1993 Summary: Almost the whole staff of a tax consultant office is slayed by a team of professional killers, only Paul Damone can escape. He didn't know that his partner used to wash gangster Louis ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
Countries: Germany, USALanguages: English

Our good friends at RiffTrax join us again – we’re working our way through their offerings at a ferocious rate at the moment – for the glorious, glorious Bounty Tracker.

Join some kind of tough guy (he has great hair, I totally have hair envy) in his singlehanded quest for a Bounty. Not just any Bounty, but the elusive Revenge flavour limited edition! I mean, I really love the dark chocolate version myself but this Revenge edition must be really good because he goes to some considerable effort to procure his. Unfortunately he doesn’t find the sweet treat of his dreams, and has to settle for the revenge killing of a mysterious gangster who was responsible for the death of his brother and his brother’s pregnant wife.

The best part of this movie is the gangster’s female sidekick, to whom I feel I need to award the tag of an unadvertised real female hero as well as cute but unstoppable. A fundamental part of any continuity that this movie claims to have is down to her character moving between scenes and tying together at least some of the many, many loose ends of the plot. She is sexy and has a very sexy name (“Jewels”) but also just demolishes anything and anyone in her path. It’s worth focusing on her character and story arc, not least because it will distract you from the rest of the movie.

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