Drunken Master (1978)

Drunken Master (1978) 111min | Action, Comedy | 14 October 1982 (UK) Summary: Wong Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) is a mischievous, yet righteous young man, but after a series of incidents, his frustrated father has him disciplined by Beggar So (Siu Tin Yuen), a Master of drunken martial arts.
Countries: Hong KongLanguages: Mandarin, Cantonese

Jackie Chan was 24 when this movie was released. During filming, he nearly lost an eye when he was kicked in the head during the final fight scene.

Our hero of dubious quality is a young man whose father runs a kung fu school. Sadly his behaviour is not as good as his martial arts and so a distant relative is sent for to teach the boisterous young man a lesson. The lesson is to learn to be better at kung fu: perhaps there is a correlation between knowing kung fu and being a good person. I certainly do not know kung fu and I am in fact a horrible person, so who knows! It could be true.

While in training, at first, he tries to resist, largely by running away. While drying his trousers in the secret hideout of another mysterious martial arts expert, he gets the ever-loving crap kicked out of him. Humiliated, he slinks back to his correction camp, now eager to learn the arts of the drunken master in order to gain revenge.

The plot is not much beyond basic. What lifts this movie up to make it nearly the best is Jackie Chan’s dedication to, well, everything. He plays an arrogant young man at the beginning, a humiliated young man in the middle, and at the end isn’t exactly entirely mature but certainly has moved on a little bit in his character development. He does his own stunts and never settles for a lesser cut if he can shoot it again. He also brings genuinely funny moments with not only the plot but also with his personal reactions and expressions. He is, frankly, outstanding.

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