Junior Prom (1946)

Junior Prom (1946) 69min | Comedy, Musical | 11 May 1946 (USA) Summary: A rich man's son is running for student body president in the local high school, and the boy's father tells the school principal that if his son wins the election, he'll make a sizable ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
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I love RiffTrax but I just have got to quit watching these black and white US of A propaganda shows. This was nearly the worst and that’s saying something. This is how bad it was: it reminded me of They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

So. Let’s talk briefly about Junior Prom. The first in the Teen Agers series, this features the run up to Junior Prom, coupled with two boys vying to be voted in as class or year president, or some such populist nonsense that encourages young people to disparage others in favour of talking themselves up. And my word do these kids invent populist tactics. By the way, the rich dad of one of these boys has promised the school new shiny stuff but only if his son wins the election!

Mmmm. Young people. Kids. Boys. Let’s just press pause on that for a moment. This movie was released in 1946. The male lead was born in 1925, the female lead in 1920. The power of maths tells me that he was 21 and she was 26 when the movie was released. Shall we be kind and assume the movie was shot the year before? 20 and 25 during filming, respectively? I honestly really struggle when a whole age group is misrepresented as teens, it’s like watching propaganda – this is the high school culture that the script writers want to promote. Oh, I know this isn’t a new problem. And there are many, many other things wrong with this movie.

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