Sunset Strip (1985)

Sunset Strip (1985) 82min | Action, Crime, Drama Summary: The stage is set for a series of confrontations when photographer Mark Jefferson (Tom Eplin) agrees to help his friend Roger (John Mayall) defend his night club against a handful of ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
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Asked to help his old friend – and an independent music venue where his ex-girlfriend is singing – some kind of tough guy – who is our oddly irresistible male lead – is framed for a crime that he didn’t commit, and sets out to gain revenge!

Mostly by driving a lot of places and being on the phone, to be honest. This movie spends a LOT of its time on the phone. Or showing movement with a series of driving shots. The ex-girlfriend is, sadly, a helpless female who requires rescuing.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why this movie is called Sunset Strip. I suppose it’s because the music venue – which is the ONLY building in town the bad people can do business out of, which is why they want it so bad (apparently!) – is supposed to be on Sunset Strip. But there’s no… what am I trying to say here… if I’m being sold a movie based on the name of a location, I would like that location to have some sort of meaningful impact on the story being told. But this movie doesn’t invest us in the location. Even the pivotal music venue is only visited a handful of times. No one lives there, no one is invested in the place. Maybe if the music club had made a few more phone calls, or bothered to drive somewhere, it would have mattered.

Oh well. It was a good job that the team over at Rifftrax helped make this movie much more bearable because I truly may have struggled to stay awake for this one otherwise.

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