Honor and Glory (1993)

Zong heng tian xia (1993) 1h 24min | Action | 13 January 1993 (Hong Kong) Summary: FBI agent Tracy Pride is on a mission to capture businessman Jason Slade, who is involved in extortion and murder. Teaming up with her is her sister Joyce, a news reporter; Dragon, Tracy's ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
Countries: Hong Kong, USALanguages: English, Cantonese

Our dear, irreverent friends at Rifftrax are here to help us through another old movie and this one, my dear, is a total corker.

Let me see, if, for a change, I can start a review by summing the entire plot up in one short sentence. The trigger for a nuclear weapon has gone missing, and somehow it falls to a few ragtag individuals to sort it out. A retired (possibly?) CIA agent, his daughter in the FBI, his news reporter daughter hunting a bank fraud scandal, a scurrilous banker and his noble bodyguard, and a pimp are all involved in the story about how this dangerous item is not sold to a dodgy looking bloke with a tea-towel on his head. There are many, many other characters as well.

The two sisters, by the way? The titular ‘Honor’ and ‘Glory’, perhaps, I hear you saying? No! They are ‘Joyce’ and ‘Tracy’! Of course! ‘Joyce Honor’? ‘Tracy Glory’? No! I say thee nay, a thousand times nay! They are Joyce and Tracy Pride.

So where does the… I can hear you begin to think.

The answer is that it does not.

All of it does not.

But all of it does know . Yes! All of it. Not nearly as bad as the martial arts from Velvet Smooth but none the less a bit dodgy. I’m not even going to try and discuss the dubious heroic merits of the two female leads, since both of them need a separate male helper each plus their dad to get through this movie. It’s not romantic, it’s demeaning.

Bonus feature: this may be the first movie I can recall for some time where you can play ‘spot the severed head of a dragon on the wall’.

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