Itsy Bitsy (2019)

Itsy Bitsy (2019) 94min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | 30 August 2019 (USA) Summary: Based on the centuries old poem, a family moves into a secluded mansion where they soon find themselves being targeted by an entity taking the form of a giant spider.
Countries: USALanguages: English

Movie poster truth: 0%. I suppose I could stretch to 5% truth on the grounds there was a spider and a bed in the movie, but no more than that. I’m not even certain there’s a great deal of truth in the IMDb write up for it, either.

By ‘a family’ there is certainly a mum and two kids, but the mum is neglectful and a barely functional drug addict. By ‘moving to a secluded mansion’ it means ‘moving to a house provided by the old man who the mum has been employed as a nurse by’. By ‘an entity taking the shape of a giant spider’ they mean ‘an actual giant spider’.

Running alongside the storyline of how PTSD causes opioid addiction and how that results in what is essentially domestic abuse is a subplot around a stolen artefact full of giant spider. Oh, and it gets loose, blah, blah, blah.

But the important thing is that a mother’s love is stronger than all the other bad things that happen. Apparently.

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