Ninja Warlord (1973)

Meng hu xia shan (1973) 90min | Action | 26 January 1973 (Hong Kong) Summary: Japanese occupation of China breeds an ill wind which stirs the wrath of China's greatest kung fu killers.
Countries: Hong KongLanguages: Mandarin

What’s that? A movie older than I am? At least three different titles? A really dodgy English dub? A vague and sometimes incomprehensible plot line? Knowing my viewing taste, it’s only a 50/50 chance this was a RiffTrax – and this time it totally was.

Were there any ninja? I couldn’t see any, so, sure! Plenty!

Was there a warlord? Kind of?

But there was plenty of martial arts, and a hero, and a villain, and henchmen and lots and lots of running. Or at least I remember lots of running. I think it was in this movie. I’m a little behind on my reviews and if I’m totally honest I think some of them are starting to blur in my memory now.

Was it any good? I honestly can’t say that it was. Yes, I know there’s a nostalgia for old movies, but this one was just a little choppy in the narrative, just a little slow in all the wrong places. I’ve seen better old movies of this type. But it wasn’t all bad, and it certainly helped pass the time while I was knitting.

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