The Furies (2019)

The Furies (2019) 82min | Action, Horror, Thriller | 7 November 2019 (Australia) Summary: A woman is kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.
Countries: Australia, United Arab EmiratesLanguages: English

Young women are being kidnapped and waking up in mysterious situations somewhere far in the Australian Outback. It’s a macabre game in which Beasts (men) have to be the first to rescue their Beauty (the young women), ideally, it appears, by eliminating the other Beasts. Oh, and the Beasts have explosive collars that explode if their Beauty dies.

It was, well, alright. There were a few good scenes, the premise was neither better nor worse than about half of many other movies of this type, and some of the effects were alright. I can’t say more than that though.

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