The Terror Within II (1991)

The Terror Within II (1991) 90min | Horror, Sci-Fi | 18 January 1991 (USA) Summary: In a post-apocalyptic world full of terrifying mutants known as gargoyles, survivors of the last human colony battles against intruding gargoyles a few miles below the Earth's surface.
Countries: USALanguages: English

This is such a bad movie that I genuinely just spent a few minutes trying to find the RiffTrax link to add to this post. It’s so bad that even they haven’t covered it yet. Which of course, yes, means that we watched this without any other good reason than because we just could. And we did! So there.

We did watch The Terror Within, a long time ago, in the time before this review blog existed. It was a very long time ago and yet as soon as the title credits rolled for this, the sequel, I immediately said “Oh! The underground bunkers all have really flimsy tin shacks covering them up, right?” And I was correct, dear readers, I was sadly correct.

What is this movie about? In the far distant future, after a terrible disease has swept the earth and left the survivors hideously mutated, humanity survives in underground bunkers. Or at least they did in the first movie (to the best of my hazy recollection). In this movie they also exist above ground.

But there is plague. But a vaccine can be made from oddly unspecific “raw materials”. But the vaccine doesn’t last long (don’t get me started). But our hero can travel days/weeks above ground from his own fallen bunker (from the first movie) in relative safety to get to the “safety” of another bunker. But the people that live in that other bunker die like flies when they come above ground briefly to search for “raw materials”. But then they find other people, who live above ground, and are seemingly protected from the plague because they occasionally toss a female into a cave with a ‘friendly’ kind of mutant. And the mutants procreate by… oh, really? So how do you just ‘get the plague’ from being above ground?

I could go on to describe the rest of the plot but frankly the above contradictions are just too much to handle even without trying to explain how some kind of tough guy brings further ruin and disaster to a small bunker community that was collapsing inwards anyway. Let’s just say it was eerily reminiscent of Inseminoid and leave it at that.

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