Death Line (1972)

Death Line (1972) 87min | Horror | 13 October 1972 (UK) Summary: When a government official disappears in the London tunnels, after several reports of missing people in the same location, Scotland Yard start to take the matter seriously, along with a couple who stumble into a victim by accident.
Countries: UKLanguages: English

Also known as Raw Meat. So, first thing to address is that this movie poster is 95% lies.

I know. Shocking, isn’t it, when a movie poster lies?

So once we get past the original title, and the original movie poster, what we have is actually something quite decent. The picture quality is clean and crisp. The pace trip-traps along at a steady rate.

There are characters, who play their role well. I can’t remember any of their names, of course, but I’m terrible with names so yes, sure, whatever. The important thing is that each of the characters are unique, memorable, and they don’t really get on with each other all of the time. There’s something beautifully stark about showing the class boundaries in Britain at that time.

The main gist of the plot is that people on the Underground are disappearing. They are disappearing because of a small group of inbred cannibals who live in the labyrinth of abandoned tunnels. There’s a not-tremendously convincing backstory about them. But this is not dealt with in the traditional gore fest that movies such as The Hills Have Eyes employed. Instead, we rather surprisingly get some pathos and empathy deployed instead.

I liked this movie. It triggered a sense of odd surrealism in me that I refer to in my tags as ‘beautiful crazy’.

Mind the doors.

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