Hobgoblins (1988)

Hobgoblins (1988) 88min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | 14 July 1988 (USA) Summary: A young security guard must track down diminutive aliens who kill people even as they make their fantasies come true.
Countries: USALanguages: English

Thirty years ago, two extra-terrestrial creatures landed on Earth. Their only wish was to survive. Little did they know that their first, and only, contact with humans would be with a security guard, suffering from PTSD after a military career, who would perceive their attempts at peaceful telepathic communication as a brutal assault on his morals and values. Little did they know that his first action would be to lock them up, without food or freedom.

For thirty years they held onto existence. They were forced to interbreed and cannibalise each other to survive, resulting in a mutated, feral community of perpetually starving hobgoblins. They waited, and saved their energy, until one day they had enough power to convince the security guard that a trainee had stumbled in and released them, that upon their escape they plagued the trainee and his friends. Um. Ok. Maybe not ‘friends’. Let’s go with ‘people who inexplicably hung out at at a house that might have been his’. That the trainee and his friends had to fight their way out of many dangerous situations. By doing this, the group of survivors built the old man’s fantasy of finally destroying them up to a crescendo pitch: he believed that he blew them up and could finally leave the studio lot where he had stopped them leaving for so long. And then, then they were free…

This, by the way, is not the movie that we watched. It would have been better if it had have been. We watched the actual movie, in which it isn’t all a metaplot on behalf of the tortured creatures. But it makes for a great MST3K cover.

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