Riding with Death (1976)

Riding with Death (1976) 97min | Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi | TV Movie Summary: Dimwitted, meaty guy foils criminals by turning invisible.
Countries: USALanguages: English

Mystery Science Theatre 3000! But you’ll have to go and find your own copy because I don’t have a handy link to it.

This movie made a lot more sense when we realised that it was two episodes of a TV series jammed together into a feature length something. We try not to read the IMDb trivia ahead of time, you see.

What shall I say about this movie?

There is an agent who was in a satellite explosion and the radiation turned him invisible. The only woman in the first half of the movie was clever enough to help save his life and also invent a watch that allows him to be visible again. Luckily for the continuity team, his invisibility also spreads to his clothes, but not to other things that he is touching like, a lorry, or a car, or whatever.

None of this exciting backstory is in the movie. Nope. It’s handled by a quick info dump at the beginning and then on with the dull stuff, in two packages.

First half of the movie: the agency is tricked by a duff doctor with a suspect invention. Features: runaway lorries, a damsel in distress, explosions, and some loading and unloading scenes that might make you feel awesome if you’re into Trucking Simulator.

Second half of the movie: something about someone who owns a stock racing car so our agent Sam goes undercover (well, sort of) and runs into the same friendly lorry driver from the first half of the movie except he works as a tyre changer or relief driver or something. This half of the movie could have been a sweet bromance, but isn’t. There is a woman, called Cupcake.

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