Season of the Witch (1972)

Season of the Witch (1972) 130min | Drama | 18 April 1973 (USA) Summary: A neglected, unhappy suburban housewife with gets mixed up in witchcraft with unexpected consequences.
Countries: USALanguages: English

It’s… Well… Yes.


So the cut I watched, Season of the Witch, is about a woman getting older, feeling her age, feeling unsatisfied, turning to witchcraft to ‘get what she wants’ (although it’s more a case that she casts a spell to create her own intent to do a thing, spoiler alert, no Hollywood twitchy nose style hocus pocus here), and ultimately ending up self-empowered. Although I am not entirely sure that she is the better for that that journey by the end.

IMDb informs me that this movie was also ‘Hungry Wives’ and ‘Jack’s Wife’, with different run times. So who the hell knows what those movies were about! It’s possible that the longer cuts made more sense of the breaks between wake and dream segments. At one point the woman’s husband apologises to her for hitting her, and my own husband was somewhat startled because he thought that part had been in a dream segment. I hadn’t thought it was, but in retrospect, maybe also the apology was a dream segment.

Maybe this whole movie was a dream.

It’s impossible to know.

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