Time Chasers (1994)

Time Chasers (1994) 89min | Sci-Fi | 17 March 1994 (USA) Summary: An inventor comes up with a time machine, but must prevent its abuse at the hands of an evil C.E.O.
Countries: USALanguages: English

We join our good friends way back in time, watch the calendar pages flutter by, watch the analogue clock hands whizz backwards, if you’re too modern to understand then I could teach you but I’d have to charge… and it’s our good friends at MST3K riffing Time Chasers for us.

Well I just don’t remember the last time I saw a hero taking part in a bicycle chase because he just didn’t drive, and very kindly the people chasing him also abandoned their motor vehicle to pursue on cycle. How noble. Aww.

So, the movie. An inventor invented a time machine. He then sold the technique to some people because he didn’t have any money left, because although he’d been touristing through time he hadn’t thought to just go back in time, put some money in a bank account with a good interest rate and let it grow. Or go forward in time and get the winning lottery numbers. Or… well, you get the drift.

But he kept his own time machine, a cute little plane, to carry on touristing through time. And shock! Horror! The lovely recycled future he’d seen before has suddenly gone! It’s like… it’s like… other people are travelling through time and changing it to their needs or something. Which, of course they are.

Our hero then goes back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique to the Evil Corporation. BAM! My brain freezes with the paradox effect. Surely, if he had gone back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique, he would have never sold the technique and therefore he wouldn’t need to go back in time to tell himself not to sell the technique. Right? Right?? Oh I don’t know. This movie doesn’t answer things like how the space time continuum works. It just flies a plane and occasionally rides a bicycle. In terms of time travel it is not nearly as good as Steins;Gate or In The Shadow of the Moon, but it is better than Yesterday’s Target.

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