Stitches (2001)

Stitches (2001) 81min | Horror | Video 6 February 2001 Summary: Combining the body parts and skin from her victims, a wicked sorceress stitches together her subjects.
Countries: USALanguages: English

The Eighth Layer of Hell, at some time or other. Maybe a Tuesday afternoon. A bored denizen accepts a bet from, uhm, well that bit is not clear. Anyway, something we assumed was a demon but the film marketing suggests was an evil sorceress, puts on a brand new Mrs Albright outfit and heads on down (or up?) to the mortal realm and a boarding house full of very drab people.

And of course, they all have a vice, or a way in for an enterprising entity with nothing but time, an evil sewing machine and a handful of the powers of hell at its disposal.

It’s a good premise. I mean, it’s actually a Really Good premise. Alas, the execution is just a little lacklustre. The monster is shown early, I think during the opening credits, which is a sin nearly as profound as showing the end of the movie at the beginning and then pulling a “X days earlier” title. Without doing that, it could have been pulled out into a much more curiosity driven experience. As the audience I could have cycled through 1. Hey that old lady is strange 2. Oh no, she’s really mean 3. Ok, a psycho then 4. Is she out for revenge? 5. No, she’s a creepy serial killer (and then finally) 6. WTAF, it’s a demon. Alas, not to be.

The rest of the movie, once past the disappointment of seeing all the cards the movie had, was alright. The people at the boarding house were very one-note, not nuanced like humans are really. Much like many movies, an under investment on making the audience care about those destined to not make it to the end of the movie meant that I was able to watch their fate without, in actual fact, caring at all.

We watched this in the virtual company of our dear friends (total strangers but dear friends) at RiffTrax.

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