The Horror of Party Beach (1964)

The Horror of Party Beach (1964) 78min | Horror, Musical | 1 June 1964 (USA) Summary: Sea creatures created from radioactive sludge terrorize a beach community.
Countries: USALanguages: English

This was a rather confusing, and possibly even confused, offering of a monster movie. It didn’t quite feel as though the movie itself quite knew what was going on.

Was this a monster movie? Yes. Was this a movie about the social complexities of a highly fictionalised brand of wholesome American youth? Yes. Was this a pointed social commentary about the morals and values of the time especially with relation to feminism? Only possibly, if I were to argue the point. Is this movie a cheerful and happy musical offering? Yes. Is it also a dark and numbing commentary about inevitable entropy and decay? Sure is. Ecological commentary? Throw it on in there!

We watched this in the good company of the team at Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

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