Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (1989)

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (1989) 80min | Action, Fantasy, Adventure | March 1989 (USA) Summary: Three kingdoms have been overtaken by three evil lords and only a teenage boy with magical powers can restore peace to the land.
Countries: USALanguages: English

So when my husband collected all the family together for our dinner time movie viewing, I genuinely thought that he was lying to us. Because, I reasoned with myself, we’ve seen some quite bad movies but surely (surely!) The Wizards of the Lost Kingdom was simply too bad to make a sequel to.

My expression at learning this movie existed.

And in a way, I was right.

Because this movie is indeed called The Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 2 , but it can in no way, shape or form be referred to as a sequel. Because there are absolutely no elements that carry on from the first movie. No characters, no story hooks, no plot elements. This may as well have been a totally separate movie apart from the title and a few seconds of footage from the last movie.

In fact, there was more footage from OTHER movies in this one than there was of the original. There was nearly enough to be able to refer to this as a mashup of movies – because David Carradine’s character in this movie is dressed exactly the same as his character in The Warrior and the Sorceress so that they could just reuse existing footage.

Grip a little tighter, why don’t you?

So what was this movie about? A boy called Tyor is born with the mark of a god (who also narrates parts of the story) and is fetched for a quest by a comical, overweight, failed wizard. They go to defeat three evil wizards and collect three artefacts. It is not a good movie. It is not even a good story, which you’d think would be hard to mess up with such basic beats to hit along the way.

The movie poster is about 5% accurate.

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