The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) 78min | Horror, Sci-Fi | 26 April 1956 (USA) Summary: Professor Bernard Quatermass' manned rocket ship returns to Earth, but two of the astronauts are missing and the survivor seems ill and unable to communicate.
Countries: UK, JapanLanguages: English

No, it’s not a spelling error. Trivia alert! It was the first X rated scifi after the classification was invented. Anyway, The movie.

Lets start with the movie poster. I like to do that from time to time. I’ m going to go with, um, 90% lies on this one. Anyway. Moving on.

Quatermass is a scientist. He made a rocket. It went up, and then it came down. It did not come down as planned. And it was curiously missing two out of three astronauts when it did.

”Bumpy landing, you say?”

Victor, the one astronaut left, was not well. So the team doctor took him home for a while, as you do, and then admitted him to a clinic a bit later on. Victor’s wife promptly hires someone to break her husband out of the clinic, as you do. I guess it just goes to show that refusal to believe experts is not such a modern phenomenon as all that. Victor attacks his wife and flees.

Victor now has an arm like a cactus, and is shambling around London, dessicating the odd pharmacist and most of the animals in the zoo. It’s not a hard trail to follow but somehow people can’t. The team doctor cultivates some organic matter (mostly by feeding it mice, to see what would happen) and discovers it’s quite exciting but probably reasonably dangerous.

”Been abroad, have we, sir?”

There are some terse* and thrilling* scenes of pursuit, in which finally the shambling mound that was once Victor is located in Westminster Abbey, where it’s going to produce spores (if I remember correctly). Luckily it is electrocuted before anyone else can come to harm and Quatermass strides off purposefully to build a new rocket.

* experience may vary

”You’ve got something on your parlour lab Persian rug, Doctor…”

All in all? It’s not so bad, for the era. There are goofs. The monster is made of tripe and cow guts, which seems odd if it is meant to be a plant creature releasing spores, but then I must suspend my disbelief and accept that alien lifeforms can pretty much appear how they want. I suppose some meat mould releases spores. The scientists in the movie aren’t very, I mean, they have lots of answers immediately to hand that they couldn’t possibly know immediately. Could have done with some women in the main cast (who am I kidding?) But hey. It’s old scifi. It was okay.

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