One Dark Night (1982)

One Dark Night (1982) 89min | Horror | 25 February 1983 (USA) Summary: As part of an initiation into a club called the Sisters, a young girl must spend the night in a mausoleum.
Countries: USALanguages: English

This was not a complicated movie. It has a fairly simple plot, which, in short summary, goes a bit like this:

Cute young woman has a hunky kind of boyfriend.

Boyfriend’s ex girlfriend runs her friend club like a military outfit, right down to the matching uniforms and the hazing.

Cute young woman fails to read any of the warning signs and wants most of all to join the clique and get a special jacket too. Clique decides to scare the pants off her instead by daring her to stay overnight in a mausoleum.

Unfortunately an old man who liked to psychically drain all the life energy out of young women (I know, just don’t get me started) has just been interred there. Fun and games ensue.

I think that I have really mixed feelings about this movie.

The plot was simple, but simple things done well really work. And I’m sure other much more prolific movie watchers will know other storylines similar, but for me this had something quite refreshing in it. There were three core storylines coming together over the course of the movie, not all of them has as much content, and the interconnections were slow to materialise. Hunky boyfriend spent most of the movie trying to be IN the movie!

The cast was small, very tight, plenty of screen time for everyone: cute girl, all three bullies, creepy dead man’s daughter, hunky boyfriend, long suffering husband of creepy dead man’s daughter. I mean, I can’t remember ANY of their names , but the core cast was all there.

In some parts, the pacing was glacial. But in others it was mostly ok. The effects were – shall we say, very distinctive. Not much computer work, mostly practical, and they were mostly very good. However the end just kind of shambled round and fell over a bit. Very weak ending.

So I suppose, overall, it was mostly fine.

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