Blood Vessel (2019)

Blood Vessel (2019) 93min | Horror | 21 July 2020 (USA) Summary: Lifeboat survivors board a German boat that's crawling with vampires during World War II.
Countries: AustraliaLanguages: English, Romanian, German

Blood Vessel seems to have set out to be a B-movie and thoroughly capped its ambitions there. It is about what it set out to be. Nearly something a little bit more but unfortunately in places maybe a little bit less.

Premise: it is World War 2, and a lifeboat full of survivors encounter an oddly deserted German ship. Well, nearly deserted. On board is a creepy Romanian girl, surrounded by dead Germans. Luckily the team understand that her family is trapped in the hold. Yes, they are vampires.

There were two things that got in the way of my truly enjoying this.

Firstly, despite apparently being filmed on a real ship, I felt little comprehension of how different rooms were connected to each other. I couldn’t grasp where one location was in relation to another, which for me at least made it quite disjointed.

The second was that the characters were all pretty flat and generally quite stereotypical. Most of them were unlikeable, not because they were written only to be unlikable, but because they had no real substance. It’s the same as with many slasher-type movies, they just don’t bother giving us anything worth investing in before the deaths start.

The rest of it averaged out. The attention to detail was either great or mostly absent. The props were good, the vampire makeup was a bit hokey. The atmosphere was decent, but some things were just too clear and perfect. The harrowing back stories were contrived. There was a completely unnecessary love story. But it was not unwatchable , and it helped to pass an evening, so it was entertaining. And if it was entertaining, then I guess it did its job. Blood Vessel is clearly a lovely pun, but I can forgive that.

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