Tiger Claws (1991)

Following such gems as Martial Law, and Martial Law II, Tiger Claws gives us another Cynthia Rothrock movie in which she just co-stars. What’s not to love?

So, where shall we start this time? Firstly: female cop? Check. Secondly: male partner? Check? Thirdly: typical movie cop department? Ho boy, check. Lastly: Cynthia Rothrock playing the same character? Check.

Let’s do a quick summary, for the sake of my future self.

Tiger Claws (1991)

A number of martial arts masters have been found dead. There are no circumstances to connect them, apart from their profession. Oh, and some mysterious findings at autopsy. It appears that their internal organs were all pulverised without leaving a mark externally. Oh, apart from the copious amounts of congealed strawberry jam in three lines on their necks.

Hah! I know the answer to this one! Wolverine.


I’m just kidding with you. It wasn’t Wolverine. It would have been a much better movie had it been Wolverine. As a matter of fact, it so totally was not Wolverine. It was another martial arts master, who had a point to prove, using Tiger Style. Tiger Style, I’ll point out, was built up as being an all consuming, violent style, that the male lead in this movie had learned but walked away from after it nearly consumed him.

He goes undercover in an underground Tiger Style training school. One thing leads to another, and the end of the movie arrives with the defeat of the malign Tiger Style master. All is well. The day saved. And so on, and so forth. However, it’s a shame to see Cynthia relegated to sidekick level of co-star again.

Tiger Claws (1991) 92min | Action | 21 August 1992 (Hungary) Summary: The police do not know what to do. They have to deal with a serial killer who aims at martial arts masters. One after another is killed in the same brutal way. This may be a chance for ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
Countries: Canada, USALanguages: English

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