Double Dragon (1994)

Apparently this is a movie based on an arcade game. I never played it, so I can’t judge it against any merits Double Dragon should have had.

It’s the future. Or, it’s the future but in the past. The movie is set in a comical kind of post-earthquake-apocalypse city. It reminds me just a little of 1990: The Bronx Warriors – but without the raw charisma of Trash. And on the day that Trash becomes a charismatic hero compared to the two we get landed with in this one, you know Double Dragon wasn’t great.

Anyway. Some kind of plot summary. There is a bad guy, who is trying to get two halves of a Dragon medallion so powerful that it was broken in half and then the pieces carefully hidden. So carefully hidden, the bad guy only starts the movie with one of the medallion halves.

Double Dragon (1994)

The rest of the movie is a series of interludes where the bad guy attempts to get the medallion for a while, then gives up to let the good guys regroup, and then tries again. There is a female sidekick who’s pretty good with a whip, and some other henchpeople. There are some gangs, and some spurious technology, and some terrible, terrible scenes.

Double Dragon (1994)

Basically it’s corny, and badly made, and I don’t know how anyone in this movie kept a straight face while filming. Of course, we watched the RiffTrax version and if you are going to watch Double Dragon, I’d encourage you to do the same.

Double Dragon (1994) 96min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 4 November 1994 (USA) Summary: Two brothers have half of a powerful ancient Chinese talisman. An evil gang leader has the other half, and determines to get the brothers' half and have a complete medallion so he can gain absolute power.
Countries: USA, France, DenmarkLanguages: English

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