Headshot (2016)

It’s a sweet enough opening to a movie, even one called ‘Headshot’. Young injured man loses his memory, nursed back to health by a young female doctor. He takes the name ‘Ishmael’.

The story this movie tells is not new. A young man with a head wound washes up on a rural beach. A visiting city doctor, a young woman, nurses him back to health. There is a sweet kind of romance blooming there.

Except of course it is not that simple. Of course it is not that simple. Once people realise that the young man is not dead, some other people start looking for him. Luckily he proves able to defend himself, and takes the fight back where it started.

Headshot (2016)

It’s not a new story, and it’s a simple story, but it is told relatively cleanly. It should be, because it’s just a vehicle for a martial arts showcase. Iko Uwais gets plenty of screen time and deserves it, and there’s a good supporting cast, some of whom we’ve seen before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as good as The Night Comes For Us or The Raid, but it’s certainly far from his worst outing. I liked this.

Headshot (2016) 118min | Action, Drama, Thriller | 3 March 2017 (USA) Summary: Uwais plays a young man who washes ashore, an amnesiac with a serious head injury whose past comes back to haunt him shortly after being nursed back to health by a young doctor. Violence ensues. Sweet, sweet violence.
Countries: IndonesiaLanguages: Indonesian, English

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