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Author, writer, artist, photographer, creator, partner, friend, analyst, dreamer, geek, gamer.

I’m Suse Pears, also known online as quietlyurban. This site is my creative showcase: it’s not the whole of me. Real life is more than this.

  • I write. I’m an author. See the Published┬ámenu item.
  • I write. I’m a freelance writer online, mostly about the outdoors and being in it and being healthy. See the Go Outside┬ámenu item.
  • I game. I play boardgames, computer games, and tabletop role play. See the Gamer menu item.
  • I make things. That section of the site is currently down, because it’s been rebuilt so many times I need some time away from it.
  • I take photographs. That section is also down, because I need time to take stock and curate.

I’m a full time employee in order to pay my half of the mortgage. While I endeavour at all times to present a professional image, even on this blog and other linked social media that have nothing to do with that employment, I’d still like to make it clear that any views expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinion of my main employer.

I reserve the right to change my mind, to be contradictory, to blog infrequently, alter my preferences and have opinions that may be different to yours. I also reserve the right to object to profanity, hatred, or any other behaviour that I don’t like. Comments are moderated.

Irksome, introverted, calm, cold hearted, vulnerable, strong, mysterious, selfish, agreeable, wonderful, outlier, amazing, loved.