Opium & The Kung Fu Master (1984)

Hung kuen dai see (1984) 1h 25min | Action, Drama | 1984 (Hong Kong)
Director: Chia TangWriters: Ying WongStars: Lung Ti, Te-Lo Mai, Leanne Lau
Summary: A Kung Fu master finds out that an opium den is destroying the lives of the town he lives in, and vows to put an end to the den, but first he must try to defeat the strongest enemy he has ever faced: his addiction to the drug itself.
Countries: Hong KongLanguages: Cantonese, Mandarin

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46 Yok Olan (2016)

46 Yok Olan  | TV Series (2016) 1h | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2016) Summary: A genetic professor (Murat Güney) wants to save his sister from a long-time coma by using a medicine he has just discovered. But this discovery changes his life in an unexpected way.
Countries: TurkeyLanguages: Turkish

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