I have been a storyteller for a very long time. It started, I think as all writing should start, with reading. Home schooled for the early years of my life, my parents made sure my literacy was top-notch. It was only really ever a matter of time before I started writing my own stories.


writing: slip/stream - iteration 1 - red right hand

Available through Amazon Kindle and print-on-demand. Oh, and in e-book format through SmashWords.

Red Right Hand is the first iteration, the first part, of a sequence of books under the Slip/stream collective. Lev is, well, he’s basically just a guy in my own science fiction universe. He’s kicking back, learning to pass the time and stay out of trouble for a change. Except, of course, it’s not that simple. It’s never that simple. Turns out that some people are looking for him. Serious people, doing serious looking.

On the face of it, his journey in the book is straightforward. A past he seeks to remain distant from is looking for him, with increasing energy. Underneath though, it’s a story about identity – because fundamentally Lev does not know who he really was back then. And if we don’t know who we were, how do we know who we are now?

Lev is also a backdrop, because we see characters move in and out of his sphere of influence. Knowing him changes them. He’s not just a character in his own right, but a catalyst for their stories. He’s not really the hero of the book: they are.


I’ve been lucky enough to write freelance for Camping With Style, which is an amazing blog.

I reviewed a few things for Outdoor Look although unfortunately I’m too busy to have sustained that.

Grow, Make, Mend

In January 2018 I launched my long-considered blog, Grow, Make, Mend – following my journey one step at a time in the real world towards better living in a busy world.