Fear (1946, Rifftrax Presents)

Fear (1946) 68min | Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery | 6 January 1947 (UK) Summary: A medical student--broke, hungry and desperate for money--is hired to murder a loan shark. After the killing he is tormented by guilt over what he's done. A detective, who knows the student... See full summary¬†¬Ľ
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Fear (1946).

I watched the Rifftrax Presents version and you should too if you’re going to. It makes it way funnier and a little bit more tolerable.

Meet Larry. Larry is about to begin the last year of his medical training, except his scholarship has been suddenly and inexplicably withdrawn. Already depressed due to having hocked everything of value to one of his professors (who has a sideline as an unregistered pawnbroker) and having a landlady who doesn’t respect his right to sit smoking in a dingy room with his tablecloth askew, this is the last straw. He needs the money to stay on another year and by crikey! He is going to have it!

Except that he is extraordinarily inept, and the whole movie is a parable.

Despite these things, the largest flaw that this movie has is that Larry is never developed as a character. He springs, fully formed, into being at the beginning of the movie. Why is he training to be a doctor? Why does he have a scholarship? We do not see his motivation, the unseen forces that have brought him here, to the lowest point in his life, where he is driven to do something so heinous and so out of character that it nearly drives him to destruction in turn.

This is not a good movie by any means. Well, let’s face it, Rifftrax movies are not meant to be good movies! I’m not even sure this is a good bad movie! But it is still better than the Crimes of Grindelwald and I suppose that in this new world of post-Grindelwald, that is something at least.

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