Rock’n’Roll Nightmare (1987)

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987) 83min | Horror, Music | 1988 (Greece) Summary: At a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, a hopeful hair-metal band seeking inspiration to record their upcoming new LP will soon find themselves in a furious confrontation against the Prince of Darkness himself.
Countries: CanadaLanguages: English

I am very happy to let you all know the following facts. Fact 1: the movie poster is 95% accurate. Fact 2: This is not the first time that I have seen this movie. Fact 3: Of course it is a Rifftrax edition. Fact 4: I totally would watch this again. Fact 5: the whole movie was filmed in 7 days.

I could just keep going with the facts about this feast for the senses. For example, it came in 10 minutes short of the required running time after everything was finished. So the movie opens with 10 minutes of the main character driving a van, purportedly full of the band members, because they filmed this afterwards to deliberately pad the run time.

Did I mention that the movie poster is 95% accurate? I’m not even lying. The only thing I’m deducting 5% of poster truth for is that I can’t remember him holding the guitar when he was in that outfit. And yes, he was in that outfit.

For me, I suppose this movie hits all the right buttons. It’s bad, but in a fun way. It’s a group of people at the beginning of their careers, making a movie because they could. And I bloody admire the hell out of them for that. It’s right there with the Feeders 2 level of determination.

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