Troll 2 (1990)

Troll 2 (1990) 95min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | 1990 (Greece) Summary: A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them.
Countries: ItalyLanguages: English

Some of our good friends from RiffTrax join us yet again for a daring foray into movies so bad that they are not just dull, or boring, but as confusing as heck.

Let us take, for example, Troll 2. This is a great example because this is, in fact, the movie that we watched. And therefore it would be totally appropriate to use this as our example, because otherwise when I think about watching movies in the future and can’t remember which ones I have already seen because my brain is already full then I would get very confused. Like, even more confused than usual.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Our example: Troll 2.

Troll 2 has no actual trolls in it. It has no fake trolls, either, or CGI trolls. It has no characters, real or otherwise, that are ever described or thought of as trolls. It has GOBLINS. Dozens of them. But no trolls.

Troll 2 is not a sequel to the movie Troll. I can see how you might think that it could have been, what with being called ‘Troll 2’ and everything. But it isn’t. Not in any way, shape or form.

Basically this movie is about evil vegetarian goblins terrorising a visiting family.

There are many other interesting things about this movie, none of which appear in this movie. Here is a link to the IMDb trivia page which, while not explaining anything, explains a lot.

Oh and by the way, if you do plan to watch this movie, have a good stiff drink first. It will make everything much funnier.

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