Flatliners (1990)

Flatliners (1990) 115min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 9 November 1990 (UK) Summary: Five medical students experiment with "near death" experiences, until the dark consequences of past tragedies begin to jeopardize their lives.
Countries: USALanguages: English

This movie is thirty years old. Thirty. I was a teenager when this was released, and between then and now I know that I have dim memories of watching this non-ironically. I was much younger then, and probably too hung up on Kevin Bacon’s smile. I wasn’t a big fan of Julia Roberts, mostly because I was happily falling in love with Geena Davis instead. But as I say, that was then, and this is now.

There’s something very profound about being able to go back and watch movies from your youth that now makes you giggle a bit. It’s good to know, I suppose, that we have moved with the times, and that we have not become stuck in the morals and values of the time. And luckily we also had a RiffTrax commentary to run alongside this neon soaked film flam of drama.

Anyway, this classic is about a group of young qualifying doctors who fall under the spell of one of their number. He believes that if he dies and is brought back, he can provide evidence into research about near death experiences. So they acquire some equipment and begin to flatline each other in a very dramatic building that appears to be continually in a state of renovation. Except, of course, things do not go as planned, and their little group starts to fracture.

The lighting in this movie is way over the top. Everywhere is either very dim and dark or absolutely soaked with neon or fluorescents. NEARLY EVERY SCENE HAS SMOKE OR STEAM. Even the outdoors scenes just have little piles of leaves smoking away in the background. It’s so Silent Hill it’s not funny.

I’m not going to comment on the wild inaccuracies of the medical scenes. It’s enough to know that they are wildly inaccurate, and then we can move on.

His smile though.

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