Terrifier (2016)

Terrifier (2016) 82min | Horror, Thriller | 15 March 2018 (UK) Summary: On Halloween night, Tara Heyes finds herself as the obsession of a sadistic murderer known as Art the Clown.
Countries: USALanguages: English

Bring on the clowns.

Or at least, bring on Art the Clown. Despite being as silent as the very best of mimes, Art lets us know their name by, um, well, let’s say, by daubing it on a wall. Yes. That will do for a description there, I think.

Anyway, this is a slasher movie. The very best kind, in my, opinion. The kind that is very clean and well lit and immaculately laid out. The exterminator in the obligatory ominous building? New clean boiler suit. Yeah. That kind of immaculate.

There are buckets of gore and chains of weapons. People start coming out of the woodwork to fall prey to Art’s Halloween rampage. And at the end of it all, Art reigns supreme. Yeah. I guess I kind of rooted for the clown in this one.

Now I want to be fairly clear here. I’m not living up to watch this one again. Despite the outstanding performance of the clown, the rest of it was, frankly, just not really very good. It lacked suspense, realism, horror, emotion, presence….. you get my drift.

But that clown outfit, and performance. That was something pretty great, just in and of itself.

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